The Challenges of Contract Management

The Uplevl Solution

With Uplevl you can store all contracts in one place and access them from almost anywhere with our cloud-based platform. Find exactly what you’re looking for with our powerful and easy-to-use search capability and track versions and revisions automatically. Plus, enjoy Flexible workflow capabilities, which will automatically route documents for review and approval based on pre-set rules.

Uplevl’s simple-to-use folder structure makes it easy to organize your contracts in a way that makes the most sense for your business so you can spend less time looking for a contract and more time actually working on it. Along with tagging, meta-data, and automated workflow routing, your contracts are easy to process.
> Manage, control and monitor the review process.
> Easily find what you need when you need it.
> Continually improve processes.
> Increase ROI with more streamlined approval workflows.

Benefits of Contract Management:

A contract management system eliminates the manual, time-consuming tasks associated with contracts and frees you and your team up to work on real value-add activities. It also ensures tighter controls, better auditing, added security, and eliminates costs associated with paperbased processes.

  • Version Control
  • Workflow Routing
  • Real Time Business Intelligence
  • Integration With Other Business Applications
  • Cloud-Based


Average amount of time contract approval with the use of a Contract Management


Renewal rates were experienced by companies using Uplevl's Contract Management Solution.

up to 90%.

Of erroneous payments can be reduced with Uplevl's Contract Management Solution.

Real Time Business Intelligence

Measure and track your business processes in real time. Identify trends and opportunities for improvement through visualization tools.